Mortgage broker northern beaches

Welcome to the new website for Property Finance Professionals, a firm which was established as a mortgage broker on the northern beaches in 2003. Times change, technologies change and with the business now over 10 years old, it was time for another website update. Communication styles have also changed and the web is such an integral part of our information and decision making these days, that we are going to dedicate more energy to this medium. Additionally there are many backend software tools and process that we regularly upgrade to top industry standards.

Broker requirements have also changed and in the beginning you just needed patience and a basic understanding of mortgages. Today a mortgage broker must have a Cert IV in Mortgage Finance, a Diploma in Mortgage Management and either fall under someone else as a Credit Representative or in our case, Bradley Field is a fully licensed Credit License Holder under ASIC, number 388317.

The license means that we can service clients across Australia, via face-to-face, email, skype or telephone and this can speed up the application and approval. Bradley proudly says he is a Mortgage broker on the northern beaches as he loves the area, lifestyle and closeness to the water. The northern beaches offers sailing, swimming, surfing and boating across a range of waterways. Being a mortgage broker on the northern beaches with a full license means I get to live where I love and work across Australia.

At times,I hope you like the new website and feel free to send any comments or requests, and like the Facebook page  for regular updates.local contact is preferred and Bradley has developed a network of hand picked brokers if needed.

Regards, Bradley Field.