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Collecting the Facts
Taking out a home loan is a big commitment and that’s why it’s important to collect all the facts, such as what you need from your loan, choosing the right type of loan for your needs and working out how much you can afford to borrow. Take a moment to review the process to get the maximum benefit from your consultation.

Phone consultations

If you are comfortable discussing your situation on the phone, this may be a good way to start. Getting some early information and facts can assist by giving me time to research your options before we meet for an appointment, or offer you advice on the phone if you are not yet ready to proceed with an application.
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What to expect at an appointment

An appointment can be made at a place that is convenient to you, being your home, work, a coffee shop or my office at a time that is convenient to you.

One of the benefits of a face-to-face meeting is to take the time discussing your plans now and in the future. Being frank and open about your situation will help me advise Bartels Property Finances will suit your situation now and in the future.

Make sure you have your documents available (see document checklist) so that I can properly and accurately evaluate your situation.

I can help you examine the differences between the lenders so that your choice becomes easy. I will have the lenders application forms with me so that we can complete the forms and check that you have all the necessary documentation to accompany the application.
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Questions I will ask - collection of personal information and your privacy

At the appointment, I will ask you questions that apply to the information that will be required by the lender to assist them in their assessment of your loan application.

The lender has a responsibility to ensure their enquiries are being made on the right person and I will need to see original documents to show your full name, sex, date of birth. Under the Privacy Act 1988 and the Privacy Principles and Privacy Amendment (Private Sector) Act 2000, I will also need your written consent before any enquiries can be made on the information you provide. This is usually included in the lenders application form.

The information I will require is the first point of collection of information and is required by the lender to assess your application for credit. This information only relates to the purposes of getting a loan, being your employment history, your income and commitments and your assets and liabilities. I may also ask you for additional information regarding your financial situation that will assist the lender in assessing your application.

The lender is obliged to put reasonable security safeguards in place to protect all personal information from loss, unauthorized access, destruction, use and disclosure.
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