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Using Equity to Raise Cash

Cash When You Need It
As a homeowner, you have a great opportunity to make the most of equity you have built in your home. You can use the equity to manage your finances wisely. For example, you can consolidate various debts such as high interest rate credit cards and personal loans into one loan at a low residential rate. Some possibilities are -
  • buy a car
  • finance the kids education
  • home improvements
  • investment such as deposit on another property, funding share purchases

This may be a good time to look at other loan products to ensure that you have the loan that best suits you. Or you may elect to simply increase your existing loan. Whichever you decide, I am able to guide you through the options.

Tip: Raising funds to purchase another property or improve your existing property retains the equity in your property. Raising funds for expenses such as holidays reduces the equity in your property.
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