The following loan types are available for both residential owner-occupiers and investors:

Variable rate loans
The Cash Rate set by the Reserve Bank of Australia. Two common types of variable rates offered by lenders are:

Basic Variable – the budget choice:

This loan has a low rate with limited features or flexibility. It gives you an ongoing lower rate with the option to use limited features for a fee when you need them. This is ideal for borrowers who are unlikely to use features.

Standard Variable Rate Loans – when flexibility is the key

Take advantage of the features and flexibility of a loan that has all the “bells and whistles” such as flexible repayments

Tip: Review whether the additional features are really beneficial to you, including the interest rate discounts, as the cost of these loans can be higher than a basic variable.
Fixed Rate Mortgages - lock in security
Honeymoon or Introductory rate loans
Line of credit
All-in-One Loans
Equity Loans
Split Loans